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Tire Shine products?


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What do you all use for tire shine? I have been looking for a good one for a while now but have had bad luck in the past with dry rot induced in part by the products i used.


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I use 303 on occasion for the tires but routinely for all the exterior rubber trim and top of dash. I’m satisfied with the results. :)


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I've never heard of tire rot due to dressings but I can imagine it would happen.

I usually do it for the opposite reason, UV protection is an aspect of many of the coatings.

I think I'm the only one in my group of friends who likes a slick tire but I've used all sorts of them and my current go-to is the Griots Garage tire dressing offerings. I have the aerosol can because it was free but I plan on getting the gel version next to test.


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I use Griots tire dressing. Not super slick looking, but you can apply more if that’s your cup of tea. It’s water based so it shouldn’t induce dry rot.


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I use chemical guys silk shine. Leaves a nice satin finish. Subtle, not like the glossy wet look dressings.


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in for deets.

I used to use one from CDN tire...can't remember the name now but it had a foam applicator and a nice thick goo that didn't leave too much shine. I've found though with a white car it doesn't matter how much I scrub the tire, let the tire compound on to dry in the sun i still got 'flick' marks on the fender & door.. so i stopped using and just wash the brake dust off the tire. meh..
good enough for me i guess.


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No Tire Shine(spray) Just use Tire Gel. You can try some of mine if you like. i got a new job so more time to meet up


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303 is good - they have a new product specifically for tires - I don't find it any better than there general protectant - its cheap though like 12 bucks. I would just by a gallon of the regular protectant and just use that though.


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Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat.

There is nothing better. Period. It looks fantasic; lasts forever (they even look good after driving in rain); and there is zero sling.

It's a little on the pricey side, but it's without a doubt, the best stuff to use.
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This is like a what oil is best thread. No one is going to agree. LOL
Kinda true, can't really measure the difference in performance of various oil brands.

For tire shine, you can; how long it lasts...whether it's messy/stays on the tire/etc.

The 6oz bottle of Tuf Shine that I bought lasted about 6 years because it was so good, I didn't have to apply it everytime I washed the car. It literally lasted for at least a month. As others have mentioned, going with a clearcoat/gel is the best way to go.