Tracks to drive by


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Here's one from my actual Spotify driving playlist that I constantly tweak. I always have some Offspring on it though......Crazy Taxi left some deep scars lol


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here Leo telling my brother no you can't go to school today.


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I see Europe to the first question I have is... are you a football fan? If so who do you support? ⚽

I'm not ex-wife was German and she didn't really either! Always wanted to see a match there as I heard it's pretty awesome but it never happened.


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Oh he is definitely male. Even though he is fixed he's till trys to hump every female cat that comes around. If gotten woken up many of nights cause he is try to hump our female cat on my bed.
Haha I just said that because you said this...

Now he manipulates us to do what he wants when he wants.


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Once those chords kick in I'd have my foot down hard.
I don’t play this song when I’m driving in town lol


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Well it might not be your style but this here remix was meant for rolling a warm Saturday night all up in the town...

I can dig it. I rotate hip hop and all other sorts of stuff in my playlists. I just “prefer” metal but I’ll listen to anything that’s good…mostly…and then there’s some horrible stuff that I love that I’ll never publicly admit to