Trade ebay golf R bumper for gto bumper - white - chicagoland


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Hey all.

Willing to trade my bumper if anyones interested. Its the ebay brand. Could use a little work as the grilles dont fit perfectly, and i only have the passenger side washer cap. Would trade for 100 plus a decent condition gti bumper, maybe straight trade if it includes a euro lip? I just installed the bumper this last spring, professionally painted. Does have a few rock chips that i filled in with colormatch paint but it looks great!

Located west of chicago. Not shipping lol

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thanks, amazon pretty sure. it's cheap (like $45?) but looks good haha. I just added blacked out the chrome stripes cause i hate chrome haha
yeah I think I was looking at the same one, just didn't like the chrome stripes so I was wondering where u found one without it.

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