Trance/House/Techno/Dubstep/Drum N bass/ ETC Thread


I saw that the MK6 forums didnt have one of these threads yet. I also know that we have a couple dj's on these forums too. So i decided to make a thread about Electronic Dance Music. Post up your favorite songs, tracks, old or new, for those djs in the mk6 forums add your links to your mixes here.

proper and original tiesto works..

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Only techno is allowed on my stereo!!!


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I can't front, I went through a trance phase a while back. I think every Asian did lol. All that DJ Babyboi, Loopy, Shyboi, etc. One of the only songs I still listen to on occasion(rare occasion haha):

u4ia-just quote someone's post to see the code

Bruh Man

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Haha word, I'm always on here at night since I sleep during the day.

Lol yeah seemed like the only way to cop some new trance back then was either the bootleg mix CD's at the Asian malls or Napster.

I remember trippin out when I heard this one thinking, "Damn, homey took a Nirvana guitar solo and made it a trance beat!"



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I only listen to the dirtiest of electro house.