Trance/House/Techno/Dubstep/Drum N bass/ ETC Thread


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Released Episode 7 last night. I really like this one. Probably because all the tracks compliment my mood lately. Bit of a retrospective rough patch, I suppose. Got a little out of hand...

Anyway, check it out! And please, If you guys like what I'm doing, do me a HUGE favor and subscribe on iTunes and leave me some positive feedback. I have a bunch of big plans in store for my "career" this year, one of them being hosting my own weekly event and an international headlining gig for 4000+ people. It wouldn't hurt to be a featured PodCast on iTunes with good reviews ;)


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Like I said, in my mixdown and on soundcloud the volume seems to be just fine in the last two episodes. I brought the levels up just before the track starts to clip. I don't know what iTunes is doing to it though.


Ruben De Ronde - wowzers of an opening set
rank 1 - pretty good set
arty - played some ole same ole tracks boring
atb - cheese fest

armin just got on...
starting with IRA- the fusion (armin van buurens intro edit)

Alexander Popov - Attractive force
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