Trunk Cover - $40

SoCal Custom

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Carpeting, netting, lanyards, and board all in great condition. There is one peg missing from passenger side, but doesn't affect performance. See pics.

$40 obo, willing to ship at buyer's expense. Local pickup available near Woodstock, GA.

Also selling, could try to ship together:
Rennline Fire Extinguisher Mount, under passenger seat
Uber Stealth Subwoofer Stealth Box
OEM Carpet and All-Weather Floormats


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Passed Driver's Ed
Where in SoCal are you located? Might be interested in this... my car never came with the trunk cover. The missing peg doesn't cause it to rattle or anything?

SoCal Custom

Passed Driver's Ed
Mine didn't have one either, I have no idea why so many end up missing. No rattle or real issue, the peg and rounded edge of the back keeps it's pretty well aligned when you open the hatch. The only thing to note is that one side of the lid looks 1/2" lower than the other when you open the hatch.

Also, I've moved to GA. I've tried to update my profile here, but I don't the info changed. Let me know if you'd be interested in shipping, probably be around $20, but I'd have to check.