Tuning Group Buy

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Pure Performance
Tuning group buy
closes April 29th, 2016
What do we offer?
Software tuning developed in house with both dyno and street testing.

Retail Pricing and specs

Stock (178whp/183wtq) Stock dyno rating.
Stage 1 $549 (200whp/240wtq) Tune designed to work with a stock vehicle.
Stage 2 $629 (215whp/250wtq) Includes rear o2 code out. It is designed to work on a vehicle with a downpipe, stock injectors and stock turbo. Upgraded intercooler recommended.
Stage 3 $849 (270+whp/300+wtq) Is designed to work on a vehicle with Frankenturbo, full exhaust, stock fueling. Upgraded intercoolers recommended.

Why are the dyno numbers so low?
We use a mustang dyno which reads quite low. You can tell from the stock power ratings that this is a heartbreaker. The mustang dyno is an excellent development tool as it simulates real world conditions via application of load from the eddy-brake which is programmed to apply more force as the vehicle speed increases. This simulates the needed wind resistance as calculated with the drag coefficient of the vehicle.

Wait, you have a Frankenturbo tune?
Yes, yes we do. Our tuner has been working with Doug@Frankenturbo for over 4 years, developing software that plays nicely with the Ft's higher wastegate cracking pressure and increased airflow. We can also offer complete turbo kits bundled with tuning. Please inquire via pm.

How to get your tune?
1-You can come see us in person for tuning at our location in Lawrenceville, GA.
2-You can mail in your ecu for tuning. We offer quick turnaround to minimize your down time. Express return shipping is only $24.

How can we get away with giving such huge discounts?
Since we developed the software we can do what we like. As an introduction to the mkvi forum we decided to go all out with this group buy.
Now for the discounts.
1-2 members = 10% off
3-5 members = 20% off
6-10 members = 30% off
11+ members = 40% off
Discounts do not apply to shipping charges. Discounted rates will be applied to retail prices posted above.

How do you get on the list?
Send us a PM with your request. We will take a $100 non-refundable deposit. The group buy will close April 29th. The remainder of your payment at the final discounted rate is due by May 5th 2016.

1. MK6Scrap (stage 1)
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Local customers immediately will receive 5% extra off the already listed prices above!
We are in the metro Atlanta area, customers usually receive their vehicle back same day as scheduled!
Pm us and lets get you started on what youve been missing out on!
What do offer differently from say cobb protune or eurodyne?

That is a great question.
Cobb and Eurodyne have some great offerings and are well respected companies. I have tuned using both suites in the past so I have experience with both of them.

If you are considering either one of those products I'm sure you are familiar with the basic principles of how they operate.

Eurodyne offers a much more customizable suite with logging and tuning capabilities for the end user. This is great for customers who want to tune their cars themselves. They don't have too many maps to worry about as most of the complicated stuff is handled behind the scenes.

What we offer differently is that we take out the need for you to tune your car. Lots of our customers are too busy to worry about learning injector offset voltage or waste gate duty cycle vs waste gate cracking pressure and how that effects other load maps. We handle all of that for you. We can also offer custom tuning if you have already purchased Eurodyne and are looking for someone to help you get it dialed in.

Cobb has a great reputation and provides several platforms with customizable tuning options. To go above and beyond their standard base maps requires a ProTune as you have mentioned. A typical Dyno tune will cost an additional $400-$600 over the price of the access port.

The primary benefit of choosing Pure Performance tuning over these other offerings is price point and our power gains speak for themselves. Combine thise benefits with our ability to tune for a variety of fuels (including e85 blends), meth injection, and larger turbo setups and you can see why we are a great option and even more so if you are local to us.
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