Turning On AC... CEL appears on dash...WHAT!?!


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It was raining and my windows were fogging up, I turned on the AC and the window defroster, AC blew cold (no, I don't use the AC often at all), a few minutes later, I noticed the CEL on the dash, after scanning, I got the P0101 code... RPM's were moving up and down (1,100/900).

I did clear the code, took a screenshot.
Next morning, car idling fine, CEL did not come back on, I checked all hoses, nothing is loose. Drives fine, boost hits 25psi+ almost 30psi under WOT... not sure what happened.

The PCV system is in good condition, I replaced the PCV diaphragm so it can't be the PCV.

I'm going to replace the MAF sensor to be on the safe side, but for some reason, it feels like my car unlocked more boost after all this happened... strange.
stranger things... GTI things....

Anyone else? turning on your car's AC results in CEL and code P0101 present? yeah weird... never thought this would happen after turning on the damn AC -_- to DEFROST THE WINDOWS!!!! wow.


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time for AC recharge and AC system checks. I haven't turned on my cars AC system ever since.