Uber Stealth Subwoofer Stealth Box - Sold

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Excellent condition Uber Stealth subwoofer steal box w/ Pioneer 10" Shallow-Mount IMPP Subwoofer (TS-SW251, 800 Watt, 4 ohm). Under floor, driver side, full box. Subwoofer fully functional and also in excellent condition. See pics.


Also selling, could try to ship together:
Rennline Fire Extinguisher Mount, under passenger seat
OEM Carpet and All-Weather Floormats
Trunk Cover


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Very cool use of space. Do you know any details about the box? Maybe material, volume, and who built it. I assume it’s sealed?

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It’s built by a company called Uber Stealth. They discontinued it years ago, but did start making them again. Plywood construction sealed box with gray carpeting. Not sure the volume, but works great with a 10” shallow sub, max sub depth I believe is 3.25”.

I kept this one in excellent condition and comes with the 10” pioneer. Loved it in my GTI. I’ve still got the old Rockford Fosgate 150a2 amp I powered it with. I could throw that in with the sub and sub box.

Thanks for looking.

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Still available. Looks like shipping would be about $20 to anywhere in the lower 48 states, can check on international rates too.