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Intro to me

My name's Will. Lived in New England all my life. Avid hiker and amateur wrestling coach at the HS level. I work in Biotechnology and love to be hands-on with things, but this will be the first car I will do mods to largely by myself.

Past VAG rides: B7 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro, B5 Passat V6, Mk3 Jetta Wolfsburg

My Mk6
Bought used 2011 2dr GTI 6-speed back in March 2015, this was my only vehicle when i bought the thing. Sold my A4 after having a string of costly repairs that came up together. This GTI looked good when I bought it, but over time i noticed imperfections on exterior that i get to fix over this summer. More on that later I suppose.

If you want to play the "Whats the weirdest thing you found in your Mk6" game, I have a contender for you all.... Fun story about the test drive - Took the thing for a spin, twice. second time i pull into a grocery store parking lot to look the exterior a bit better and decided to look under the hood to see what I was playing with. This is that I found:

Yep. That's a possum wedged in there. It was dead. When I bought the car we had just received our last bad snowstorm of the winter, so I rationalized that when they were plowing the lot they fired this thing up to get all the snow out of the way, and this thing came along and found a warm place to sleep and got stuck.

I asked the dealer to remove the thing for me before buying - made sure they didn't charge me for it :lol::laugh: The guy who removed it said it was huge (2+ feet). No, I didn't keep the memento. But, I figured if vermin extermination was an unadvertised feature of the car it was worth buying the car. :bellyroll:

When bought:
.: Approx. 59,000 miles
.: "Clean CarFax" (I am a skeptic and cynic with regard to these services...)
.: 18" Detroits - rashed like a mofo; mounted with Dunlops
.: Carbon Steel Gray Exterior, Interlagos interior
.: RCD315 radio

Mods done:

.: Summer WHEELS: Fifteen52 Tarmac, silver, 18x8.5 et45; Tires Hankook Ventus Evo2 225/40ZR18
.: Winter WHEELS: Enkei TSP6 17" wheels, Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 225/45ZR17

.: BFI shift knob
.: Hardwired Valentine One with windshield mount.
.: GTI seat handle inlays
.: Bluetooth module bracket and plastic cover (This)
.: Under seat trays (OEM) (Link)
.: Klii motorwerkes German flag steering wheel badge insert
.: RNS510 radio
.: Backseat window shades (OEM)
.: OEM Rear window shade PN 5K0064361 (imported from europe, thanks ebay)
.: Shift boot swap, bought from ingear designs.
.: Eurocubby
.: OEM Leather Seats
.: EuroKreations Rear Seat Delete kit
.: OEM 9w7 Bluetooth module (for A2DP ability).

.: Static --> VWR Sport springs and Koni orange struts (front/rear)
.: Unibrace UB
.: Unibrace XB

.: S3 (OEM) Short shifter
.: South Bend Stage 2 Daily clutch
.: BFI stage 1 engine mount
.: BFI stage 1 transmission mount
.: BFI stage 1 dogbone insert
.: Torque Solution pendulum mount

.: White painted Front Emblem
.: White painted rear emblem
.: Klii motorwerkes rear badge insert (colormatch)
.: OEM style grille, silver stripes and german flag emblem
.: Custom Europlate "PSSM KLLR", front mounted (Rear plate also around - may put on when at shows, etc..)
.: Aspherical, heated, blue tinted sideview mirrors
.: USP hatch pop kit
.: Front lip/valence, colormatched
.: Colormatched side skirts
.: Rear wiper delete (Urotuning kit)

.: Lamin-X film on fogs (CLEAR)
.: Colormatched Side markers
.: Helix-style sequential LED mirror signals
.: OEM Euro LED Tails, Dark Cherry
.: DeAuto LED license plate lights
.: DeAuto LED fogs (white/yellow/strobe)

.: Cobb Stage II tune
.: APR Carbonio Stage 1 & 2 Intake
.: Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake
.: Fluidampr
.: Soundaktor delete
.: R8 Coils
.: NGK platinum spark plugs (PFR7S8EG)

.: 42DD 3" downpipe
.: Steve Petty Motorsports Street catback

.: [REDACTED] aluminum skid plate
.: NewSouth boost gauge
.: CJM Ind. center vent mount

.: gauge sweep
.: city lights disabled for side markers
.: seatbelt chime disabled
.: steering wheel mute button
.: MFI DRL disable

Planned / Possible / Future Mods, in order of interest/priority:
.: Spulen Catch Can (purchased, not yet installed)
.: Other wheels
.: VCDS things
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Last week had these mounted:

Enkei TSP6 17"x8 in GUNMETAL, with Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 225/45ZR17's

Thanks to Sonny from TireRack for his help with this - had to be special ordered from Enkei.

Buddy of mine says I should do coilovers to lower by an inch or so to eliminate the wheel gap.. maybe next summer?


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Now you just need to lower that baby...


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Suspension to-do/wishlist (no certain order)

- Bilstein PSS coilovers
- Unibrace xB
- ??? RSB (will need to research this one a bit...)

Any recommendations on RSB options? might go pre-owned since its a hidden piece of metal...


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if youre just going to do the rsb and not the matching fsb then go smaller like the 24mm whiteline. otherwise it'll be too aggressive.


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I did this a while back:

flat white to go with the plasdtidipped GTI lettering. I intend to repaint those instead of leaving them dipped, but that's a fall project.

I also will be adding some white to the front grille and emblem. top secret shit for now.


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I was told a FSB would not be worth doing - it makes sens to me but could you confirm that it wouldn't add value?

ive always said to anyone thatll listen that the matching set of both front and back feels way more stable than just the rear.

i went with a 27mm rear for about a year before adding the front one and during that year i had a lot of fun with a surprisingly tail happy car but also spun around a bunch of times in a very uncontrollable way. One time would have totalled my car if i was 15 feet closer to the other car coming the opposite way.

with just the rear the car felt really twitchy on the highway and once you do the front it becomes much more stable and the nose gets way faster to change direction as well.