uglybastard's Carbon Steel GTI


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Funny thing, I found a dead possum under my car after 2 months of owning it. It was near the intercooler and one day my cousin and I was working on the car and the tail slipped out of a crack while I was under the car. Scared the crap out of me


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Did my first DIY oil change today, used a topside oil extraction pump. took a bit longer than i thought but that's fine.

chalking it up as a win. took my used filter to a dealership for disposal and a parts store for the oil disposal since the city dump closed already for the day. next time i need to figure out a better less awkward way to handle my filter disposal... the parts manager wasnt very friendly to the idea of his receptionist asking a "quick question" about this - kind of a dick move on his part. maybe a local garage will do it for me.

Also put on for a test fit my custom europlates. the 3M duallock provided didnt want to play nice, so next time ill mount with hardware instead and put up the mounting frame being upside down



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Today I got lowered, I am now riding on VWR Sport springs and Koni Orange struts in the front and rear. Got the work done at a shop closer and more flexible in its modification policy than I normally go to. The people there were good and the price was reasonable.

Need to start chipping away at my mod to-do list before i move.


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for some reason my front end isnt settling down as much as the rear, visually speaking. weird. been a few hundred miles (mostly highway). will take measurements to make sure i dont have a gnarly negative rake going on.