Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

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The war is for the benefit of defense contractors. If the US were serious, it would have given Ukraine the "good stuff" earlier. I worked through every "conflict", from VN to the Med. I never saw where the US benefitted. We never got any oil from any Med country we helped. We used to bet on which defense contractor's stock would go up. Unlike Congress, we weren't allowed take advantage.



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The war is for the benefit of defense contractors. If the US were serious, it would have given Ukraine the "good stuff" earlier. I worked through every "conflict", from VN to the Med. I never saw where the US benefitted. We never got any oil from any Med country we helped. We used to bet on which defense contractor's stock would go up. Unlike Congress, we weren't allowed take advantage.
The "benefit" is having puppets and military bases across the world. For instance, puppets who will use the USD to trade oil and invest in America.



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