Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing



Exclusive: UN experts say North Korea missile landed in Ukraine's Kharkiv | Reuters

Russia threatens to 'sink Britain' if Nato sends troops to Ukraine (

Kadyrov's Prince: 16-year-old son takes charge at elite Russian academy (

Russia Loses Control of Key Island (

Drone attack on Russian airfield - Satellite images of consequences appeared (

Poland Possesses Ability to Secure Airspace Over Ukraine’s West; A Matter of Political Decision (

U.S. concludes Putin likely didn’t order Navanly’s death but ‘not absolving’ him of responsibility | Watch (

Estonian General Staff on whether Russia can take Chasiv Yar by May 9 (

Italy has given Ukraine long-range missiles, says UK defense minister (

UN confirms that Russia violated sanctions and hit Kharkiv with North Korean missile (

Russia Issues Warning Amid Talks of Asset Confiscation (

Mitch McConnell Offers Apology to Zelenskyy Over Delayed Aid to Ukraine (

Ukraine Scores Massive Weapons Boost From NATO Nation (

Russia threatens to ‘turn the US into radioactive ash’ and ‘sink Britain’ (



Surprise F-16 Update Issued by Ukraine (

Ranting Putin propagandist urges Russia to 'wipe out' the UK on TV (

Russian Black Sea Fleet 'Missing' After Crimea ATACMS Strikes (

A Russian zoo said it sent peacocks to the front to 'inspire' troops. It deleted its post after people used it to mock Putin. (

Russia breached global chemical weapons ban in Ukraine war, US says (

Russia is conducting an aggressive covert sabotage campaign in Europe (

Opinion: Russia's war may have opened Pandora's box for Belarus (

High-ranking Russian defense officials caught in corruption probe (

Ukraine has received Western weapons with permission to hit Russia – Latvian Foreign Ministry (

Claims that the US bought 81 Soviet-era combat aircraft from a close Russian ally are likely false, experts say (

Serhii Kuzan: How Ukraine Is Weakening Russia’s War Machine (

Britains new 'Sky Shield' would shoot down missile strikes from Russia (

Suspicions of Russian GRU Involvement in Mysterious 'Havana Syndrome' Cases Intensify (

Ukraine's Strategic Destruction of Russian Military Assets: A Detailed Insight (

Russian GPS jamming 'paving the way for war with Europe' claims expert in chilling warning to West (

ATACMS Volley Strikes Mass Of Russian Troops Training In Eastern Ukraine (

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 797 (

Military Intelligence: Nepalese mercenaries desert Russian army in droves (

Stoltenberg: NATO countries haven’t delivered what they promised to Ukraine in time | Watch (

Russia using banned chemical weapons in war on Ukraine, State Department says (

France to send troops to Ukraine if Russia breaks through front lines (


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Poland intrigues by statement on sending troops to Ukraine (

Human Rights Watch: Russian Soldiers Have Reportedly Killed at Least 15 Ukrainian Soldiers Who Surrendered Since December (

Ukraine's Strategic Strikes Induce Russian Aircraft Dispersal, Pressuring Air Operations (

NATO Ally Issues Stark Warning of New World War With Russia (

Russia issues WW3 'retaliation' warning to US over Ukraine's Crimea Bridge attacks ( Hey, all they need is the Dali….

Russia Issues Direct Warning to US Over Crimea: 'Doomed to Failure' (

Frontline tensions flare, but dynamic shifts reported by Ukrainian Armed Forces (

Russia blames Baltic countries for the severing of most ties (

Kremlin Accuses Ukraine of Targeting Forces in Crimea with U.S.-Made Mobile Missiles (

Partisans: Occupiers hide equipment in Mariupol amid ATACMS threat (

Russia fully adapted for attritional warfare — UK intelligence (

Rheinmetall to Supply Ukraine with Massive Ammunition Quantities in 2024 (

Experts Ring Alarm Bells on Russia's Fragile State (

Scale of GPS malfunctions expands, Russia is responsible, Finnish foreign minister says (

Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive prototypes of long-range artillery shells from Rheinmetall (

Ukraine Utilizes US-Made Missiles to Strike Russian Forces in Crimea: Strategic Implications (

Czechia withdraws its ambassador to Russia who has been in Prague since 2022 (





Ukraine's Kerch Bridge Strikes: A Strategic Shift in the Conflict with Russia (

Putin's Tentative Olive Branch: Could It Signal an End to the Ukraine Conflict? (

Ukraine's Abrams tanks get game-changing upgrade, ready for combat (

An alleged plot to assassinate Zelenskyy gives an alarming look into how deeply Russia can penetrate his inner circle (

"Mosquito Bite" Strategy: How Ukraine's Attacks Are Wearing Down Russian Defenses (

Bad News for Putin: China Hikes the Cost of Shipping Goods to Russia (

Potential deployment of French troops to Ukraine draws Russian threat (

Germany's Strong Rebuke: Ambassador Recalled Amid Accusations of Russian Cyber Espionage (

Russia's homegrown Wikipedia promises a 'different direction' from its inspiration: One where Yevgeny Prigozhin just happened to explode in mid-air (

Ukraine's Crimea Bridge Bluster Appears to Have Paid Off | Watch (

“Russia cannot afford to lose, so we need a kind of a victory”: Sergey Karaganov on what Putin wants - New Statesman

Putin agrees to withdraw troops from Armenia amid Western pivot (

Fact Check: Did White House Say WW II Won by 'Americans and Ukrainians'? ( an example of disinformation

Britain cracks down on Russian spies as 'Putin's Palace' is shut down (

Ukraine Breaks New Ground With Drone Strikes on Russian Oil Hubs (

Aftermath of alleged ATACMS missile strike on Luhansk oil depot – Satellite images (

What does Ukraine need the most? Former U.S. Army commander stresses continued support | Watch (

Europe Takes Aim at Putin's Secret Weapon (



Syrskyi: Russia's breakthrough attempt halted, situation in several sectors 'changing rapidly' (

NATO’s newest ally prepared to act as a ‘porcupine’ if Russia war comes (

Russia's race to ramp up fighter jet production faces scrutiny (

Russia blames Ukraine after blast destroys apartments (

Germany 'considers conscripting all 18-year-olds' amid fears of war (

A Russian drone unit is recruiting members of the Kremlin elite so they can 'sidestep' military service on the front, UK intel says (

Former chess champion Garry Kasparov is a wanted man in Russia (

US general warns: Russia's threat extends beyond Ukraine, urges strong NATO Unity (

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 808 (

Brown and Harvard receive millions from pro-Palestinian donors: Report | Watch (

Zelenskyy heads to Madrid to sign security agreement with Spain, media reports (

Near-miss drone attack on Putin’s Sochi heliport shocks Russians (

Russian Ambassador to Mozambique found dead (

German Parliament Debates NATO’s Role in Intercepting Drones Over Ukraine (

Zelensky's narrow escapes: Ukraine thwarts assassination bids (

Russia Prepared For Confrontation With West Over Ukraine, Says Lavrov: 'If They Want It To Be On The Battlefield, It Will Be On The Battlefield' (

Russia-Ukraine war: Kremlin promises each future occupier 2 hectares of occupied Ukrainian land (