Un-Knowledgeable Sales People


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My salesperson said if you rev the car up to 7k rpm and shift gears really fast the car chirps. I asked if he was serious and then took me in the car where he dumped the clutch, jerked it forward and spun the wheels through the first two horrendous shifts.

Needless to say, I bought my car elsewhere

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the salesman I had was saying how vw's doors are very well made.
He then opened the passenger door and climbed on it with his 160lbs weight like this.

Oh,, and he was playing with the dsg launch control for a few times, but I didn't get to play it ):

First salesman I went to did this too. Then we went to a parking lot and he explained launch control. Then we did a slow donut and ramped up until ESC kicked in, showing how it worked. Ya know, a safety feature. Tested the ABS as well. :)

I asked him if it would shift for me early in M mode like the genesis coupe. He said, try it. So we went to the highway and I got on it and it def bounced off the limiter twice before upshifting. Nice!


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Pulled up to the dealer to pick up coolant flange for my mk4, Parked in front of the dealer and aired out like soo..

Sales man came outside, and said i have to move it because it was misleading to potential customers thinking other mk6's came with wheels and "lowering springs" like mine. ( i laughed so hard when he said lowering springs )

What's worst is expecting everyone to know what air is and how it works :rolleyes:

That car's broken. :eek:



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