unofficial 2.5L Golf MkVI Picture Thread


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so all day long i see GTIs all over these forums and i was wondering what the 2.5ers are rocking these days.. just would like to see some inspiration on what i can do with my golf 2.5 and what others have already done. ill start off by showing a pic of mine.

my current list of mods are: Ruff Racing R951 wheels,20% tint all around, h and r super sport springs, LED interior lights, mkvi badge, europlate on front, blacked out emblem on the front as well.. Intake, color matched side markers, and exhaust hopefully coming soon ( once i saved up enough cash)

anyways.. took a couple of shots when washing her


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Love this thread, I'll be sure to post a couple pics soon. :)


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Yes, we needed one of these.

I't's been a fairly slow process thus far but....17's and DG springs in the summer, intake & ECU flash when warranty is up, and sideskirts & gti spoiler somewhere in between. Here's what I've done the past year:

-Hertz Audio (HSK 165 2-way components, EP4 4 Channel Amp, 8" EPX200 Sub Box)
-Dynamat insulation in front doors and hatch
-MKVI badge in centre console
-Golf seat inserts with red electrical tape backing

-30% Llumar tint all around with a 15% sun strip
-Gloss black roof wrap
-Colour matched side markers and rear reflectors
-Stainless "Vibrant" exhaust tips
-German badge (left) & debadge (right)



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Woohoo! Finally a 2.5 pic thread. Heres a few of my favorite shots

So far I got H&R Super Sports, TDI fogs + euroswitch, debadged, tinted front reflectors and getting the taillights smoked this weekend.



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what do you guys think if i get my tails done like this and change the color of the time attack on my wheels??

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