unsure what is supposed to be connected here - 2012 GTI


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Hi all, This may be a very ignorant question ( I am just an old Haynes book mechanic). I have a 2012 GTI Autobahn that I bought from my son because he said it was unreliable and wanted something newer. I tend to think it needed some love, So I fixed some of the issues, like the hose connectors to heater core were broken, I replaced those and the hoses, PCV valve. While in there I noticed these two that looked like something was supposed to be connected to it. My son bought it used, and I can tell someone had done some things to it and attempted to restore to sell. These are located to the right of the intake manifold under the fuel line. I have ordered some air intake parts because some are missing as well. I am trying to fix it all since it is stored and has become a project car and would like to use as daily driver, any help would be great, new to VW repairs. Thanks for any help.



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There are some ports that are not used. Stick your finger or a pick in it and see if it’s blocked off.