URGENT Help! Broken engine


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Hello golfmk6 members, I am new to this forum because I have a pretty serious problem concerning my 2011 mk6 gti. I just had the timing chain done for preventative maintenance. 3 weeks later when I went to turn the car on it sounded terrible and had a p0016 code. It was towed back to the shop that did the chain and they determined that the particles from screen on the cam bridge had gotten into the oil lines and I would need many parts of the head replaced. I wanted to get a second option so I then had the car towed to Volkswagen. Volkswagen is saying there is a concerning amount of metal shavings in the oil pan and they would recommend a full new engine. They said I could replace the components in the head but there’s no guarantee that it’ll work after and the safest bet would be an engine replacement. This is my only mode of transportation and I cannot afford the head rebuild let alone putting a used engine in.

My option is now to try to sell the car as is. The car is pretty clean it’s definitely not a POS just had back luck with the engine. Would anyone on here be interested in buying such a project from me? What price would I list if for if I were to list it on sites like Craigslist/ FB marketplace? Really any advice would be appreciated.

2011 mk6 gti
2 door
123,xxx miles (unsure of exact)
Located in Madison Wisconsin


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Well, I had this same issue. I replaced the parts that were damaged but ultimately the engine was toast. I had to pull the motor out as a balance shaft had spun its bearings.
Sounds as if you lost the screen in the cam bridge. I am not sure if that's supposed to be replaced when chain is done. Either way here you are..
Your car is definitely worth some money and I would put it up for sale for 2-3k.
There are places you can get a rebuilt motor for 2k but you would have to do the work


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RIP another $0.01 tiny mesh screen destroys a VW engine

Like isnt the oil filter itself enough? Why did they feel the need to install a bunch of filter screens in the oil channels?


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Just curious.......if you're going to have your timing chain procedure, can't they just leave out those screens?? Joe's comment makes lots of sense. You've got the oil filter, why does the engine need those little trouble makers?


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Most people who do it themselves remove the screens or don't install new ones. I've never heard of an engine failing because dirt got into the oil passages but I have heard of many engines being destroyed because of screens clogged in them


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I found mine blown off already and thankfully was able to fish it out of the oil passage intact. I removed the remaining bits of screen stuck to the check ball assembly and reinstalled. No issues in 40k.
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