used intake and custom exhaust?


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Would it be worth trying to find a used carbino intake? And if so does anyone know where i can find one, i live in Florida. Also i was thinking of making my catback into a straight pipe catback like custom piping until i have enough for a eurojet, any opinions on that? Also does anyone know where i can get the golf r rear lights, i like them but i can only think of ebay and i dont care for an after market imitation.


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check the classifieds section of the forums for the intake. It's absolutely worth buying a used one, however if it has significant miles like 10k you're going to want to clean/oil or replace the filter on it which is an easy job. For OEM R tails, is where I got mine. No experience with custom catbacks but Thumper has one and might be able to weigh in.

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My friend helped me build a muffler delete (he can TIG weld) out of 304 stainless. We did a single tip since duals on a 4cy turbo is cost me $160. Well worth it, sounds great and no highway drone since I still have the stock resinator. Someday I'll have him rebuild the whole way from the DP in 3" and use and aftermarket res but until you go k04 or bigger 2.5" is plenty for the CB