Utah - Integrated Engineering is looking for local 2.0T cars for software development


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Integrated Engineering is looking for local well maintained and problem free 2.0T FSI/TSI/TFSI cars who want a good deal on a stage1 or stage2 performance tune. We have already developed and tested these stage 1 and stage 2 files using our in house development cars, but we need to cover all the other ECU codes so we can start to distribute them to our dealers. So, for a limited time only we're offering these at a discount to anyone who can leave their car with us for 24 hours so we can build out the files. Each car will be data logged and dyno tuned if any corrections are necessary.

We will only take clean cars without hardware issues or preexisting CEL etc. We don't want to be diagnosing the car as well as the tune, or basing any software decisions on questionable hardware. I'm sure you can understand.

Please email if you are interested.
These are some preliminary Stage 1 and Stage 2 dyno results for 2.0T TSI. Stage 2 includes a cold air intake and a turbo back Milltek exhaust.

This is our preliminary Golf R tune, this was performed on a local Golf R with intake and full exhaust.


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Intake & Full exhaust without HPFP? :eek: I like that Torque Curve and looking forward to seeing a stage 2 or 2+!


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Is there an ETA on your software suite for multiple locations across the US. I'd love to try yours out if you had a Chicago dealer.