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Hey all PhalanxR here! Plans are falling into place soon fingered I would start my first build thread.

.:2010 VW GTI, Purchased early 2010

.:Exterior Mods
- Nitto Invo Tires
- Black Plastidipped Front Grille
- Black Blastidipped Rear Grille
- Vacar R20 Blacked out LED tails

.:Interior Mods
- Nadda :(

.:performance Mods
- Carbonio APR Intake
- Rev D Valve just for precaution
- Raceland 3" DP Non Res / Non catted
- Unitronic Stage 2 tune (GOD damn it has pull)

.:Future Mods
- AWE K04 Kit - Next week will be on order
- S3 Intercooler + Forge FMIC, was in 100's for weeks straight here last year
- Magnaflow Catback with Forum discount of course
- Badgeless front grille
- Paint needs redone, soon to happen and 3M'd for protection (Alaska was brutal to my baby)
- Fog conversions HID, thanks for a forum member for the perfect match
- Interior full super white LED's with red footwells and white license plate
- Paint match valances when car is at shop, as well as rear hatch emblem.

.:Only photos I have! Enjoy!



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more pics!!!


Ready to race!
Damn. Took my car to the local car wash to get the interior and the interior only done. Steamcleaned etc. And they put it through the automated wash of death for free :( might as well get moaaarrrrr swirlies

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I'd let them know that you're not happy. They might help you out in some way. I've made the same mistake now whenever I ake my car in for service I put a large do not wash sign on the dash.