VLAND headlight issues


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Hey fellas,

I purchased the vland aftermarket headlights and after fitting them the indicator lights on both of them are stuck on solid. I can't turn them off, even by taking the key out. I have to unplug the headlight itself. I checked all the fuses in the car and even managed to get sent a new set from vland for free. The issue consists. I bought a Carista obd2 to try and see if I can do anything with that but no luck. I hope someone can help me here. I think I'll call a garage just to ask some questions. I'm also gonna try put the stock lights back on to see if it's gonna do the same. But this only started after I put the new lights on.

update. I put the stock lights back on and they're doing the exact same thing. I have no clue what's wrong with it now. My guess is it's something in the car now?
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