VLand Sequential LED tail lights


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Sorry guys, I sold my MK6 so I haven't been on the forums in a long time. It's super simple though. On the drivers side inner light (on the hatch), swap the brown wire with the white wire on the plug. The original order is Black Green Brown Yellow White, new order is Black Green White Yellow Brown. No need to change bulbs. You'll understand when you look at the wiring on the inner light.


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Hey all, I made an account just to post this for anybody else wondering. So google can find it, this is for my vland golf mk6 sequential tail lights. Smoked or not (mine aren't), I imagine it would work both ways.

Short version: jhstl is 100% correct and it's easier than I could've imagined.

In Canada, the law says that for reverse lights, (a) there can't be more than two, and (b) both lights have to be white. Upon installation one was white, one was a yellow/amberish sort of color. I'm sure we all know that part.

Again, his location was right - the driver's side inner light (on the hatch). Open the hatch, take off that square-ish plastic cover. Unplug the connection. You're working on the MALE end that comes from the hatch-mounted light. The wiring pin connector looks like this basically. (If you're looking at this and the link expired, just google "wiring pin connector" and look for the flat, black-ended ones that show a bit of silver near the end). If you look closely, there are little built-in silver levers that hold the wire and its pin securely into the connector. I took a toothpick and pushed down gently until the wire could be pulled back. Don't use a lot of force, just be patient and look at what you're doing. Just to be clear, the wire is attached to its "pin", being the silver piece that goes into the black holder/socket end. It's all one piece coming out of the black end. You'll know what I mean when you do it.

Pull out the white and brown, switch their places, be sure that the wires are oriented in the same direction (so the silver lever clasp piece will lock the wire into place), then reattach everything. Congrats, that's it. I was being VERY careful and it took me literally 3 minutes. If you're confident or have done wiring before it'll take you less than 60 seconds. Your infant child could do it.

One thing I wasn't prepared for is how damn BRIGHT they are in reverse with two white lights. I love these tail lights, had them for about a month or so now, and so far no issues except the guys I had install it set the hatch light too far over on the driver's side. It chipped the very top part of the light it sits beside, so just be sure there's clearance when installing.

Sorry that turned into an essay. Just wanted to give the explanation and detail that I couldn't really find on my own (aside from here).


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Just wanted to get on here and confirm that switching the wires works! The hardest part was the awkwardness of pushing the clip down while pulling the wire out but it's not difficult. So glad I have two reverse lights now :D


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Interesting. It looks like the seller has updated the listing to the non-sequential LED's. Regardless, the ones I received were the sequential ones.

I installed them yesterday since it was decent outside. The worst part of the install is running the wire through the rubber grommet between the hatch and the back area. It helps if you have a coat hanger or some wire fishing tool to pull through first, then tape the two wires and pull it through. They fit pretty well, no complaints really. The blinker seems very bright, and overall the lights look really nice. For $229 I think they look great. I did switch up the wiring on the drivers side tail so that it has a reverse light on both sides instead of a rear fog on the drivers side. All you need to do is switch the brown wire with the white wire in the drivers side tail light socket.

My stock tails are available for $25 plus shipping, LOL.
I know this is an old post but did you get any codes when you swapped wires to get the dual reverse?? Thanks