VW Golf 1.6 TDI 2009 starting problem


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I have a VW Golf 1.6 TDI 2009 with an unusual problem. Intermittently on trying to start it on a cold or damp morning I get a Clutch warning, the clutch is depressed. The glow lap symbol only comes on for about a second. The engine doesn’t turn over. If I keep trying for 5 minutes or so it will start.
If I try to start it once, remove the key and then come back and try to start it in 5 – 10 minutes it will start first time. I have notice when it does start the glow lamp indicator stays on for a lot longer.
After starting it will continue to start first time all day even if left unused for many hours. The problem appears to be much worse in the winter.
This problem occurred after 2 years of ownership, while still under guarantee. Arnold Clark, the dealer couldn’t find the problem, no error codes etc. We were told they had to contact Germany in an effort to fix it. They eventual replaced what I think was the ECU and told us it was fixed. The problem reoccurred a couple of years later with exactly the same symptoms, now out of guarantee. I have been told that an ECU replacement is very expensive so put up with the problem.
I have read that spraying the leads around the glow lamps has fixed the problem for someone. I tried this without success. Is anyone on this forum familiar with the problem and possible solutions? I don’t want spend £1000s on a solution to a problem that is an inconvenience, all be it very annoying one. The battery has been replaced recently so it’s not that.


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Did you have any look with this issue?. I am having very similar problems at the minute. I see this is from over2 years ago 😬🤦‍♂️