Vw golf headache, please help!


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Please help!!

My VW golf mk 6 1.6 diesel automatic is giving me such a headache. It started having problems where the clutch would get stuck in one gear with the gear number flashing.

This problem only seems to happen when it is cold and the engine is still cold. I have to pull over, switch the engine off, wait a few minutes and retry. It can take many attempts with same symptoms before the engine warms up then everything is ok.

Took it to two garages who both did diagnostics to find Fault Code : p175e relating to clutch 1 closing unintentionally. Recommendation was new clutch.
Had a new clutch fitted but problem did not stop and had the same fault code. Had mechatronic unit sent off to be checked and no problems were detected.

Took the car to Caffyns Volkswagen to have another diagnostic and got the following report "Fault code p175e found: Clutches opening and closing unintentionally. Have carried out a basic setting of the mechatronics and clutches and all went through ok which normally means that everything else mechanical is ok to"
After telling the Caffyns mechanic what the symptoms were he suspected that it was an engine management problem but could not say how to find or fix it.

I am desperately trying to keep this car on the road as it belonged to my late father so I would really like to keep it but no one seems to know how to fix this.

Please, can anyone help?