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Last Friday while driving on the highway, a strap from a truck flew off and hit my car. At the time I heard a thunk, but didn't know the headlight washer cap had been busted off along with there being some minor scratches.

After looking around online, and making a couple calls to some local places, I discovered VWPartsDept (dot come). Turns out it is the parts department for Volkswagen of Clarksville (Indiana). So I felt a little better knowing it would be genuine parts, but it is also somewhat local for me. They quoted me a price of $17.50 for the primed cap, and then $25 to paint. Some of the other places I spoke to quoted me $27-$30 for the part, and then anywhere from $30-$80 to paint. Spending about $46 versus $67-$110 is a nice savings. The customer service was great, they returned my initial email in about 24 hours. Part was ordered on a Friday, and I was able to pick it up Tuesday. Overall, very happy with everything, and it will be a place I will continue to explore when I need parts.

I did ask them about some new tires, and they came back about the same price as what Costco said they would do. Or course they said they could get the tires within a day, whereas Costco it might take a little longer, but thats not a huge deal for me.


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