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Im not sure what this GTR is supposed to make because there are 4 different power claims in the damn for sale post.

Title says
"2009 Nissan GT-R 700hp Track ready"

Item condition says
"FBO E85+ - 650+AWHP on a Dyno Jet - Show ready"

main body of the post says
"Pump 93: 483whp 498wtq 20psi (Mustang Dyno)
E85: 560whp 581wtq 20psi "

So which one is the real power rating?

Also just noticed its listed as a 1 owner but in the main body it says "
I purchased it two years ago completely stock with 9,xxx miles."

And in the vehicle history it was registered in Canada before a new registration and lien was put on it in New York which would support the at least 2 owner.


I didn't read the details on ebay or anything, but since this is pre-2011, that GTR, unless a new transmission has been dropped in, is not worth more than $50k given the fact that the shit overheats in all build models prior to the 2011 model year. I see them all day locally for $50k-55k depending on how many owners, and miles. More than 20k miles and it's even lower. Good luck getting $70k though.