wastegate rattle?


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okay so ive researched for the last 3 hours and ive only found one exact replica the noise my car( is making at low rpms. this video here is what i am experiencing:
his video description says its not the Infamous wastegate rattle but everyone else on the internet says it is so. can some please confirm this as the wastegate rattle? or is this something else, this noise is driving me nuts!
thank you!


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My GTI had the wastegate rattle so I have first had experience.

Yours does not sound like the wastegate rattle. The wastegate rattle sounds tinny (higher-pitched) like a thin piece of aluminum rattling against a much more solid piece of steel or metal. Yours sounds like vibrating metal that emits a dull rattling sound.

Is your GTI still under warranty? I recommend to have it checked by your VW dealer.

What you can also do is pay a service facility to lift your car up so you can look for loose stuff (such as fuel lines) underneath your car.