Watkins Glen / GTI 35th Ann'y Replicas


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Just for kicks-- I threw one of my OEM Watkins Glen wheels on a bathroom scale, and mine came up 23.6 lbs. I did measure several different times and always got the exact same number. I figured OEM vs. Rep would be close, maybe Rep designed lighter, not three pounds heavier!

Yeah, when I asked they stated it was 23 and was because they used the same/similar process as OEM.

Now, maybe the bathroom scale is not super calibrated especially at that low weight.....BUT, I know I weighed my stock Detroits (in the box) to get a shipping quote and I was less than 8oz off from the weight charged by FedEx.

Now I am back to square one, I already promised my Motegi's to my wife for her Jetta, LOL......


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very nice man, those wheels look awesome! thinking about getting these myself but would like to see how they hold up before going through with it.


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wow, great find man. I might have to sell my goals and make these reps my new "goal".


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Can't wait to see them on your car and get your impressions. Do they require hub rings?


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Interested to see how these live up to the price point! And to see them mounted!


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Can't wait to see them on your car and get your impressions. Do they require hub rings?
I'll get to confirming this soon. Was going to do it tonight, but just found out I have jury duty I've got some work to catch up on tonight.



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57.1 hubs confirmed. No need for rings.

Dropped off at powdercoaters today for gloss black. Won't have them back until 3/10, due to business travel.


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Can't wait to see those mounted! They look great.

On another note, I'm thinking these would look pretty sick on my CSG...Power wheels pro has some good prices!



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Im ordering Gunmetal Machine Face R8 Reps from them soon.
Until then... Just have to wait till tax returns.

The Owner is wicked chill, walked down to the warehouse and texted me a pic of the wheels from his iPhone.
Talk about customer service

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^ those are sick. and talk about customer service :lol: