Well, THIS is a unique problem!

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This is the third time this has happened to me this month. I went to put my car away and the rear-door warning light was on, meaning the rear hatch door was open. Now there's the thing. At 3:30 I got home from the supermarket and took some stuff out of the rear. I closed the door. At about 4:45 I unlocked the car and cleaned the driver's seat. IN that time I did NOT see the rear-door warning light go on. Then I put the car away at 7:15 and that's when I saw the light on, As far as I know, the rear door was closed properly, but I opened it and closed it again and the light went out. How could the light go on? I even locked the car when I got home form the supermarket; I heard the alarm set. If the rear door had been ajar, the alarm could not have set. SO why would the rear-door light go on when I put the car away??


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bumping buttons?


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I get something similar when I hit my door unlock button on my fob it will pop the hatch but only when its cold outside. the hatch doesnt actually open and I have to get out, open and shut the hatch to get the ajar light to come off the dash. might shotgun a latch at it to see what happens