What did dealers offer for your used Mk6 Golf R?


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My car for reference: 2013 Mk6 Golf R, Rising Blue, ~36k miles, 4-door, base model. Excellent condition, APR stage 2+, new ECS 2-piece brakes, ceramic window tint, great all-season tires, etc..

I was on KBB the other day and it showed a "trade-in value" of approximately $19.3k to $21.6k... Has anyone seen dealers offer this for lower mileage R's?? I see and hear prices all over the place. Not exactly in the market to sell yet, but I am tempted sometimes.

Thanks for any info on recent sales, or dealer offers you have received!


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Unfortunately, the R's are crashing in price at the moment, but this seems to be the trend with the R cars, as the Mk4 and Mk5 R32 did the same thing before shooting back up. You would be very hard-pressed to get anywhere near that trade-in value I think, just because the dealership has to make their money somewhere. Most dealerships I see selling Mk6 R's are selling them for anywhere between 13k-19k depending on mileage.


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I traded in my 2013, Rising Blue Metallic, 4-door, nav etc. with 44,000 miles
very good condition for around $19,000 towards the purchase of a 2019 R
which was also discounted $3,000.

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My guess is that it will go up in value... the 2012-2013 is unique.. Mine has 6speed and two doors... I dont believe you can find that on the newer models...


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I am hoping for the same thing. My mileage will continue to increase, but hoping the value will go up in the coming years!


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Not on an R but I've used this place called givemethevin a couple times. Initial offer on my old accord was around 19k. I got an offer from Vroom for $22,000. I took that back to the first company just seeing if they would match it. They came up to 22,200 and they did all the paper work and even sent someone out to pick the car up/drop a check. They will ask you to upload a bunch of pictures and what not but fairly easy. I tried carmax once and it was still a three hour process even tho I didn't buy a car...