What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?


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Need an all wheel drive car for winters up north, I test drove a '12 TTRS with the turbo 2.5 this afternoon, fantastic car in every way BUT still over priced here in Canada after all these years and even with a new model out.

Anyway it's kinda stupid to winter beater a TTRS, and gotta watch the coins, maybe settle for a TTS, .... i'll keep looking


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Hey guys. Question. When I did my h&r sport springs I disconnected my axles from the trans using the 6 bolts. I'm not used to working on German cars at all. I noticed the grease and the actual CV joint is visible once disconnected. Is there any type of seal for the axles ? I have driven much since I did it so I haven't noticed any grease come out because iv taken the exhaust apart to replace the manifold flange bolts and gasket.

I'm a Honda guy and a tech at a FCA dealer and vowed to never own or work on a German car but this golf is not bad to work on , I'm actually finding it as easy or easier than my Honda aside from having to buy a triple square set of sockets.
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Grease you shouldn't be seeing any grease when its back together, last time I saw grease i had a small tear after replacing my first front wheel bearing, had to replace the CV boot, repack and install a new band clamp.

Honda Tech eh! I'm a big fan of the K24, saw a recent video of some guys installing a 537 HP K24 with turbo into a Smart Car :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Yup the 2.5 is easier to work on than any other engine in recent memory, and even easier once you learn to remove the front bumper and rad you can do pretty much anything from there, ... unless you have to get involved with the Timing chains and guides.
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Looks fantastic Vinnie (y)

That price sounds about right for that repair at a Canadian VW Dealer.

The Alternators should be good for a while, I wouldn't replace as a maintenance item. The early ones (2010 and some 2011) are single stage charging the ones after 2011 are 2 stage, the charging is reduced the closer you are to full charge; so when you change your battery you have to reprogram to tell the ECU the battery is new, ... other wise you wind up under charging the battery.
This is good to know as I'm looking to do the battery, been "dead" for 2 years so need to do it. Mines a 2013 Golf so probably 2 stage


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Did this on Friday. Sub 18lbs - Greatly changes the driving dynamics🤓


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What's up 2.5'ers, I don't usually come here much anymore because my rabbit died last year but thought I'd chime in. I replaced a clutch for someone with a rabbit this weekend, WAY easier than GTI's because the trans is so much smaller. I did notice all of the hardware and axles are pretty small compared to the GTI, are people who turbo their rabbits upgrading all of this or have issues with failing hardware after adding some power?


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Hi Jay, if you are adding a turbo it is recommended as the revits in the diff can fail under stress, FlowMK6 is the only one of the newer guys that I know who has done it, he has a Thread on the Tranny Swap HERE


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Buying new headlights and taillights next week, will post photos when I'm done. Hopefully an easy swap. Then in September I'll be getting a new front bumper (I hope)