What did you do to your MK6 today?


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Maybe about 15min, the fans on full speed drain the battery like crazy . Im getting a faster charger for whenever I re attempt the stage 2 flash.
Maybe pull the fuse for the fans while flashing? Don't know if that's a valid option or not but something to look into.


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Just hilarious how you flexed all tough with the I don't care then went and took it down cuz you got scared :ROFLMAO:


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I think we should move on and get back OT. There is a thread for fast and furious videos, postings and discussion on that should stay there.

So, today I drove my R to work. Only went over 27PSI twice so I managed 26.8mpg over the 97 mile trip through the rolling hills of MO.

What did you do to your Mk6 today? :cool:


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Good thing I leave my hood open in the garage because I have to leave the battery plugged in on a tender....went to take my GTI to work today because it's nice out and noticed my BFI motor mount bolt was loose, the one in the middle holding the bushings together. The top bushing was 1/4" off from the bolt backing out. Crazy, I didn't notice anything when I drove it the other day. I don't blame BFI, they are stage 2 mounts and I've had em for about 4 years and ~50 track days. Things are bound to rattle loose. Going to put some locktight on it tonight and be on my way, I need to find what the torque specs are because I don't want to crush the poly bushing.

EDIT: BFI replied to my email in less than 5 minutes. Torque spec for that bolt is only 35/ft.
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I’m hearing a light knocking noise in the back of the car the past few days. Not sure what it is, everything seems tight on the inside.


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Finally got this pig back in. Holy crap are these things heavy.... Makes an old 020 feel like you're mom's 5lb weight she holds whilst Jazzercizing...


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Hey Grabbit, how you like that ARM IC?
have you collected any data on it?

No data on it. I'm a newb that doesn't know how to do that yet in VCDS. Its ok. I didn't notice any crazy power gains but it does help lower the torque curve to lower in the RPM band according to the butt dyno.


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Replaced my coolant expansion tank today. The old one had a bunch of pinholes in it and was really discolored. Took maybe 20 minutes plus another 10 to run it up to temp with the cap off in case any air got in there. Also in about a month I will hopefully have some big news that will mean good things for the car in the future.


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Just wanna give my two cents about Nexen tires. They're garbage.
The previous owner of my car slapped a set on just a few hundred miles before I bought the car, so they were practically brand new when I became the owner. Fast forward a bit under two years / 12k miles, and the tires are falling apart -- it doesn't look like any wear pattern I've ever seen -- it looks like there's a goblin in the roads just clawing off little chunks of the tires. It doesn't match up with any alignment issues or under/over inflation issues -- in fact, my alignment is still rock solid.
To make matters worse, they're awful in the rain. I'm hitting 40-50mph off ramps at 25-30 mph in the rain and I'm still countersteering or understeering with smooth throttle/steering input. If I'm babying and still sliding, what happens if I have to slam on my brakes? Granted, I drive very defensively so I thankfully minimize those heavy braking instances. But no matter how well you drive, there will always be an emergency you can't anticipate. I have very little confidence in these tires.

I'm upgrading to a set Michelin PS4 A/S very, very soon. Bundling that with a wheel purchase because these staggered wheels are killin' me -- the rears are way too wide. Plus, Rotiform RSE are heavy! My fronts are 27lb/ea and the rears are 28lb/ea.


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I'm upgrading to a set Michelin PS4 A/S very, very soon.

This gonna be like stepping out of the Wright Flyer and into an F22.....