What did you do to your MK6 today?


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Oh no my perfectly good bumper was hacked to death



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Did you check the gap on the old plugs? Mine started misfiring while WOT about a year ago so I checked the plugs and the gap was probably 3x what it shoulda been. New plugs and it felt like a brand new car.
Yeah, they were all 0.028"-0.030", so not bad. Nothing wrong with how they wore either -- they looked pretty healthy.

After replacing the plugs and cleaning the air filter and MAF, I haven't had the same misfiring again. I threw in a can of Liqui Moly Jectron yesterday because why not.

This weekend or next, I'm gonna test fit the TT-RS calipers to decide if I'm gonna go with the stock 370mm rotors or if I'm gonna get the VAGbremtechnic brackets to run them with Golf R rotors.


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Ah ok. Figured since rpf1 was on the table that 12 spoke was cool
I'm not a huge fan of how they look, they're more there just for performance reasons due to their weight. I also realized I might have to get shorter studs since the rotiforms have a center cap on them and my studs/lugs may stick out too much for it to fit on


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I was looking for just 6 single spokes, easier to clean I just like that look a alot. Ideally I coulda gotten some TE37s, but I didn't feel like taking out another mortgage.

What about the T6R?


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What about the T6R?
That does look like what I was going for, but it only comes in 18x8 with a 5x112 bolt pattern and I need an 18x8.5. The Rotiforms are already on there way though so no goin back now


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Feels great to be off the heavy detroits. went from 29 lb rimz to 21 lb. Car handles much better. Coils inbound.


here is a pic in the sun, you can see they arent black but a really dark matte grey. I think they called it anthracite something. any way they remind me of the BBS RCs that used to come on the mk4 GLI

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I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving year old oil no matter the mileage.


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Picking up my GTI from the shop (Dubclinic) tomorrow. I had the following works done;
1. 40k mile service + DSG +Audi R8 Coils (version G) & plugs ; only 37k miles on odometer but decided to have this work done a little early due to the age of the car (MY2013)
2. H&R Front (26mm/hard) and Rear (22mm/hard) sway bars w/ Racingline drop links and Tyrolsports front and rear subframe collars and bolts
3. Racingline cup kit (Springs+shocks) + Euro bump stops + TTRS upper mounts w/ all new associated/recommended hardware
4. Alignment; I was worried about having all C C adjustments removed by the addition of subframe collars but the alignment results turned out to be just fine. It was done at a specialty bimmer shop.
I will find some time to describe my driving impression in my journal on this forum tomorrow.
At this juncture, I am not sure when I will be able to take the car to the tracks in my area so it will be a very limited review.
Very excited to have this major work done as part of my OEM+ project.

Next major work will most likely involve racingline brake kit + APR or Racingline Stage 1 + Ecstuning’s rear diffuser.
I may do MIB2 retrofit first if I end up finding a good deal on a unlocked kit. We will see....


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Damn this bitch is hot