What did you do to your MK6 today?


Wow! I wonder if the transmission mount had been loosened at some point and had the bolts re-used? Seems very strange that the bolts would be that beat up unless they were loose or re-used when they should have been replaced

That's what my thoughts were too. I've been the only owner, but I don't remember ever having had the mounts replaced. There's a chance someone undid them to do some other work and re-used the same bolts, I guess. I'd hope it wouldn't get that bad on its own.


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Got some $1 Ali Express Airbag pillar clips . Pretty good for the price, look to be OEM . Ecs and other places want 6-$7 a piece


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Good deal man, I think I just threw them in a bundle order to get free shipping when I did my headliner.
The original clips were so brittle from the heat . Hopefully the headliner lasts me another 8years lol


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Heard back from BFI sales about the interlagos lumbar pillows and they said although they're seasonal, they would make a couple for me! SOOPED. 🔥

Clearly lumbar pillows are out of season. It's not even June bro! Everyone knows late-September through mid-October are when lumbar pillows are at their most ripe.


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Started work on my LPFP setup. First step was to remove the wires going to the oem fuel pump. Just held the soldering iron to it for a bit until it melted and they pulled right out.

Next was to remove the fuel pump and little hydramat that was in the basket. Don't have any pictures really of this part but there are 3 plastic pieces that hold it onto the basket. I used an oscillating tool to just cut right through them, and used some wirecutters to snip the corrugated fuel line which i'm going to replace. Then I cut off the half of the basket that didn't have the fuel level float on it.

This let me maneuver the tool to cut off the bottom section of the basket as well, which would block me from installing the hydramat otherwise.

Used some computer duster to clean off all the plastic bits from the cutting and it looks brand new

Last thing to do before re-assembly is to get off the last bit of fuel line, going to probably cut it off with a razor.

Here is a mockup of how it's going to look once I get the pump installed with the hydramat, then solder the new wires in and I should be all set.


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Killin it.
Doin my best, hopefully this works well. Zipties and fuel line should be here thursday then I can get it soldered back up and installed.