What hobbies do you have


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Guns, hand-loading and guitars.

I did salt water fish tanks for a while too but as mentioned they are costly and time consuming. Not like any of my other hobbies aren't...


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Flying- I fly for my job. I fly for fun. I fly anything and anywhere I can.

Cars - For being younger than 25 i've had some weird cars, and I don't want that to stop.

After I move to WA Thursday I'll be three hours south of Whistler to snowboard and then become proficient in kiting, mountain biking and kayaking.


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My biggest hobby is Airsoft. Played paintball for years, including the Toronto X-games, and 4 straight years at the World Cup. But sadly, I got too old, too heavy, and it kept getting more and more expensive.
When I found Airsoft, I realized the weapons were more realistic, more accurate, and with greater range. It also allows me to keep up my weapon handling and basic shooting skills. I don't play for fun though. Only team competitions with lifelike military strategies and military/law enforcement training; (kill houses/hostage recovery/etc...).
Besides that, my hobbies revolve around racing cars, boating, fishing, and riding motorcycles. Used to be really big into SCUBA diving, but the real world and a career made me lose enough of my time to do that actively anymore.


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I also love traveling, my family have been in travel agency business, so it's no surprise I've been out of town very often since I was a toddler. I would still love to travel Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Japan, which i've never been. Favorite so far is Italy.

I'm now pursuing a degree in hospitality & travel and become a sales manager at a hotel, which will require me to travel to nice places for work.


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These days I mainly do car stuff including AutoX and road course racing, car events/meets, I fly a cessna 172 for fun at times, I'm an avid beer enthusiast, I build and do some semi-competitive computer gaming, and I do some air soft/paintball every once and a while. Oh and I'm on the forums all the time if that counts hahaha

Flying- I fly for my job. I fly for fun. I fly anything and anywhere I can.
Good to see another pilot on here. I'm commercially MEI rated but bailed before ATP time. (Just couldn't live on flight instructor and regional pilot money).


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Thank you Carlos, I hope to see it on the market..
it's sad when you see companies that bring on the market products that don't work, but when it's a good idea (not necessary mine ;) ), they don't want to pay the inventor, they want to get it free... not that the inventor gets 50%.... usually it's 2% of the price the retailer pays for the idea...which is a very small amount...


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That's really funny, after 2 1/2 years of fighting with USPTO, today I finally got the "Notice Of Allowance", saying that the patent can be granted (after paying the fees).