Whats your occupation?


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Student and Paralegal for a Law firm


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Ex-teacher, now independently solvent.


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Registered nurse working on a locked psych ward at the West Los
Angeles V.A. hospital.

I've been a long time lurker here, as I don't have my GTI yet (hopefully in the next 3 months!)

But I had to get on here and THANK YOU! I know that is a difficult job. My mom is also an RN at a V.A. in the PICU (sometimes floats to PRRTP) as well!!!!!

Also, I am a student, double majoring in Accounting and Personal Financial Planning. I will be graduating in May, and CANNOT WAIT!!!!


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I am a Computer Technician at a local hospital. I love my job. It's busy, challenging and rewarding. Everyone I work with is always nice and friendly. It makes for a great place to work. Especially because I know which departments have all the cute, younger nurses :p

Dont hate.. but im a prison guard. Not a truly adored occupation

Not an adored occupation but one that can't be easy, and someone has to do it. Props to you for that.


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graduate accountant at Ernst & Young.

the GTI makes me feel like my accounting career isnt such a bore especially when I drove to and from Clients!

exciting times. its the highlight of my day.

i pretty much take the long way home every time. My GTI is therapeutic!


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Chiggy, I wish to drive as much as you since I take public trans every weekday. GTIs do serve as good therapy. I'm a product designer (industrial design). Worked in automotive for a few years, and now in consumer products. Some of my work as an example: