Whats your occupation?


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Hooloowoo said:
Measuring Engineer, different places all over Norway. Right now, we are building an water powered power plant, under the earths surface..

(I am the one that tells the workers which way a tunnel is supposed to go.. I actually don't know the specific term for that occupation.. )

Yep. My vote is this guy Wins the Gold Medal ^^^ Awesome stuff.

I'm a Photographer:

and Web Developer
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Passed Driver's Ed
graduate accountant at Ernst & Young.

the GTI makes me feel like my accounting career isnt such a bore especially when I drove to and from Clients!

exciting times. its the highlight of my day.

i pretty much take the long way home every time. My GTI is therapeutic!

surprised you don't see more accountants in here. currently doing the big 4 grind myself, except on the tax side.


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Senior technical support and training coordinator for AutoPage alarm and remote start systems.

have been in the car audio industry for 22 years now. I was on a few tv shows, one of them ran for a few years. i would venture to say most of you have heard of it.


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Fleet Coordinator For FedEx Custom Critical/FedEx Freight. I'm Also A Engineering Major.. Computer science and Engineering. Alot of Engineers up in here! lol
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Departmental Production Coordinator for a major mid-sized L.A. concert venue (2500 capacity).

Also finishing my Masters in Commercial Music/Film & TV scoring and teaching as a grad assistant at Cal State LA

Also working as freelance bass player (hired gun) for a handful of LA based artists after many years in many failed bands and record deals gone south.

Hope to teach at the University level full-time once I finish up my M.M.


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Registered Nurse/paramedic (aka MICN)....critical care transport nurse.


Automotive Engineer

Sig says it all.


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Navy. Intel Officer. Don't ask me any questions about it because I won't answer :D