Where to Tint My Windows in Melbourne Australia


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Hi All

I am trying to do some research on getting my windows tinted here in Melbourne. Unfortunately I can't find a lot of information on this specific MK6 forum however luckily tinting can be done on any car!

Anyway, if anybody from Melbourne has had any recent experiences with regard to getting their car windows tinted, I would be very keen to hear about it, positive or negative.

As I alluded to earlier, there are various suggestions and recommendations I have found on the internet regarding window tinting, some of which different owners with opposing views of the same service provider.

Some of the ones suggested on other forums are:

Formula One
Tint-A-Car (North Melbourne)
Tint Professor
Tint Vision (Brett)
Teppas Tinting (Scott)

At this point in time, I think I will steer away from the larger franchise type businesses, as there seem to be a lot of conflicting reviews and it really does come down to the individual performing the work.

Of particular note (who have numerous positive reviews) seem to be Tint Vision and Teppas tinting, of which I think I will be going with the latter, unless anybody else has had any other experiences or heard anything?

Also, is there a particular tint or % tint that anybody would recommend for my Tornado Red GTI?

Look forward to hearing back from somebody,

Cheers, MD


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MD, I would steer clear of Tint Professor. I had 911 done by them a few years ago and got bubbles due to poorly cleaned windows prior to the application of the tint. I have used tint-a-car before and got good results.
The best product I have found is Solar Tint. Used them in Sydney on my last car and they were awesome, but not sure if they have an outlet in Vic.


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where did you end up getting the tint? Am also in Melbourne and looking to tint my MK6.


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Hey everyone,

If you guys live in the s/e of Melbourne, head to Car X in Clayton, I got my car done there for about $200 after a referral from a mate. My tints are 20% fronts & 15% backs. I'm still getting used to how dark they are compared to my last Subaru Liberty which had 25% all round. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and their turn around time is about 1.5hrs.