Whiteline 24mm RSB: Teflon Bushings


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Just wanted to inform folks if they were unaware. I picked up a whiteline RSB off amazon for $150 the other day. Was expecting the yellow bushings pictured and a pack of grease as every video/diy/review/install has ever shown... But to my surprise it came with a set of black teflon bushings and a flier about the new grease less technology. I know that was one of the knocks on whiteline as I was doing my research previously... so hopefully this doesn't concern others in the future!

Not that this horse hasn't been beaten to death already... But wow what a difference! I'm a complete noob when it comes to suspension stuff. My MK6 is the first car I have ever modded. had for 6 years now and have only done power/cosmetic mods. Nothing to improve suspension or handling until this RSB. Never really felt a car that handled well so didn't know what a "bad" suspension felt like either, but this one was pretty eye opening. Curves I normally hit at 40-45 I was able to comfortably take at 70.

Makes me real curious how coilovers and/or lighter wheels would change the feel. Why's this stuff gotta be so expensive though!!!


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Haha that mod bug is venomous. I'd rather have an underpowered car with excellent handling than a very powerful car with boat handling, any day.