Who has the highest mileage on their 2012-2013 Golf R?


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What have u done to the car in the past 100k miles. 200k that’s whats up..
In my case:

Oil changes every 5k
Timing belt/water pump/coolant flush/serpentine belt/belt tensioner at 105k
Plugs every ~30k
Rear suspension overhaul at 135k
I've replaced the PCV a couple of times
Carbon cleaning at 160k
Cam adjuster chain an tensioner at 165k
Evap hose at ~140k
A couple of front suspension mount/bushing overhauls

Beyond that, it's run remarkably well. Doesn't even burn any oil between changes.

The suspension overhauls haven't been strictly necessary, but worn suspension parts really make a car feel old, so I like to refresh them.