Why are Mk6 Jetta's (relatively) cheap?


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Any ideas on this question? I'm looking forward to get a new car and I saw that you can get a Mk6 Jetta (1.6 TDI, 105kW) for around 6-8k pounds. The price seems reasonable to me for a 2012 car, which is also a bit larger and looks good. I'm also rarely see any Jetta's on the road which seems odd, I'd think more people would pick up on such car for that price.

Is anyone here an owner of Mk6 Jetta or knows anyone? Thoughts and tips apprieciated!


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Jettas are everywhere here in USA, but we have a better take up rate than the rest of the world, which prefers hatchbacks and wagons.

The reason the Jetta is much cheaper is because they are cheaper cars. They just arent as nice as the Golf/GTI line. Especially the 2012 Jetta which has a lot of cheaper interior bits compared to the previous gen Jetta.

As for the price I cant really comment because Europe vs America makes it too weird but a 2012 TDI jetta here @ 100k miles would probably go for anywhere from 5-10k USD, depending on condition. The market is kinda high right now due to Covid.

I wouldnt be concerned about reliability. TDI engine is as reliable as they come. Isnt even broken in until 150k miles.