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Will tdi bumper fit?


New member
Hey guys,
I'm thinking of purchasing an R and turning it into a sleeper. As I understand, smallest wheels that will fit are 17s and the rear bumper is direct swap with the tdi (just have to cut the tailpipes and point them downwards).

Now, I understand that all the front brackets are the same - what I dont know though, is if those huge side "intakes" on the R are functional or just for looks? Are there any radiators hiding behind them, that would cause a fitment or overheating issue, or should I be fine?

Also one thing left is the trunk spoiler, is that think glued on, or is it a part of the trunk lid? Would I have to replace the whole lid or how do I get rid of it?


The Fixer
16's fit a GTI, though I can't speak to the R. I don't believe the R has any additional coolers. There is a trunk 'spoiler' on the TDI as well, it's glued on. I would try a steamer and pry tools...might need a sharp tool to cut it off. Good question for a body shop.