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Window Anti-Pinch Sucks


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My 2011 5-door GTI's passenger window has been acting up for a while. At first, it'd make a loud click when it hit the top of the door. Then the one-touch started being finicky. Now, the anti-pinch seems to keep the window from closing at all. I have to quickly pull and release the button to shuffle the window up so the dumb system won't roll it back down.

I'm probably just going to go to the dealer to get it checked out this week. I'm hoping the tracks just need some lube or the window clips need to be tightened so I don't have to drop a ton of money on a new regulator[emoji36]

Has anyone had the same problem? Any things I could try before I take it in? I've tried resetting the one-touch by holding the switch down, but it doesn't keep the system from intervening.

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You might try disconnecting the battery as this causes them to need to be reset. Might work, might not... just a thought.

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Just noticed this thread so it's probably a moot point now.

Reset the power window. Hold button down to make window go down and hold for 5 seconds after it's all the way down. Then, hold button up to make it go all the way up and hold for 5 seconds after it reaches the top.

Should do the trick.