Ye Olde Smoker Thread

GTI Jake

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Apparently there's usually a stall at 160 and takes a while for it get going above. What temp did you end up at and how long did you let it rest.

And definitely approve the Shiner.

I read a LOT on brisket and will wrap just before the stall from now on. I got it to exactly 190, then let it rest about 10 minutes which wasn’t long enough, but overall it was still a success. I wanna say it took 7.5 hours total.

I actually smoked a 17 lbs turkey today since my dad flew in. We had some friends over as well and it was night and day better than the bird I did on thanksgiving. Fed nine and still have leftovers so I’m looking forward to a turkey pot pie.

Biggest difference on this turkey was I soaked it in brine overnight, then let it dry a full 24 hours before injection & dry rub. The longer more drawn out prep work is worth its weight in gold, I just didn’t take pictures this time since I feel like I’ve been posting a lot here (week long vacation at home + new toy = lots of cooking).
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Briskets I wait for the stall, wrap in peach paper, bump temp to 245 and cook till internal is 200, then leave wrapped and rest for 1hr in the cooler/warm oven.

Just tossed on a corned beef brisket for pastrami tomorrow night.



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Steak on the smoker tonight after work. Quick, easy, and by far the best I’ve ever cooked personally.

These are the leftovers aka steak salad tomorrow night.

Looks great, but you know you have to include more info like temp, time etc

GTI Jake

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Looks great, but you know you have to include more info like temp, time etc

I let it rest about 20-30 minutes then did a onion powder & apple wood rub.

Took about an hour and a half at 225-250f to hit 140f internal temperature, I stayed on the low end of that range since I wasn’t exactly sure when the wife and kids would get home.

I kicked around searing them in a cast iron skillet first just for color/texture but didn’t this time.


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Looks good Jake! I buy slightly bigger steaks just so we can have some leftover steak salads too.

I generally hit them for 3-4 minutes on direct heat, then move to indirect for ~10 minutes and close up the grill. I like medium rare, or mid rare minus