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Younger GTI owners car payments


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I pay $258+ insurance full coverage everything is about $420 a month lol.

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I was 17, 18 now. Had a good amount of money for down payment, got the car for 16,200 (2013 with 27K miles). Split payments

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I was 17 almost 18 when I bought mine for about $20,000 with all the taxes. Paid about $2,000 down and make $325 payments plus about $50 a month for insurance. (I put it in my dads name which is how the low insurance works lol) I make double payments whenever I can and I've had it for about a year and a half and only have a little over half the payments left on it.[emoji106] The only thing I regret is not waiting an extra year before I bought it because right after I bought it the vw scandal happened and the value of my car dropped like crazy..

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When i was 17 in june 2016 i bought my 2012 gti with 50k miles for 13.5k...3.5k down(part birthday present part savings) the other 10k financed in parents name...payments are $280 a month

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Here's what I did:
Lease for three years
Buyout/finance afterwards

Payments are higher but now I'm making more than I was years ago. Still paying it off and very happy with my decision! Full time college, full time work, full time grind ;p


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I pay about $1,200 a year for full coverage and decent limits. Payment is $290/mo @ 1.9% through a local credit union (which I'm told for a used car is pretty good) and my credit isn't stellar either (it's good, just not great).

I bartended throughout college and I made a stupid amount of money (for a 19-21 yr old) so the car payment/insurance wasn't an issue.


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Paid £3000 cash
£7000 over 3 years with interest etc is £234 / month

Insurance is £900 for the year (mods declared), that's UK insurance so £5 million liability + full car replacement etc.
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