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Hey are you still around mate? I wanted to apologise for a lot of stuff and I would like to find a way to make it up to you. I hope you are well.
Hi, new to the site, my mk5 golf gt has a rattle on de acceleration, I have read on here it might be the waste gate rod and an aftermarket clip, has anyone herd of this
Hi, Zero!

I am looking for a harness and coding for the NA MK7.5 LED tails in my '16 Golf R. Please message me if you can help.

Hey! Is the JB4 still for sale?
Swapping a 2016 ccta engine from a tiguan into a 2011 ccta gti golf.. any one know if this will fit?
Hey sorry for the late reply. I am not being notified in email of anyone responding to my post. Yes the JB4 unit is still for sale. Let me know if there any questions I can answer for you
Not sure if I am interested... What year are the wheels and tires from? Did you install the existing tires? Is your price negotiable?
Hello everyone, newbie here
My name is Homy from Leicester.
So I have decided to purchase a 3 door 2014 Mk7 Golf 1.4 tsi A couple of months ago I know it's a baby golf but I feel it has enough power for me while trying to save a little on fuel, Tax and insurance. I have already started to modify the car I would like to share photos on here to get peoples opinion and of course help and guidance if and when needed.
Hi. The 1.4 golf is a great engine I loved mine and still miss it. It’s plenty fast and if u put Tesco momentum in it it will be even more eager. Everyone is a friendly bunch here so u will be 👍
Plenty of modifications to be done to the car that won't affect insurance but will improve the car...& I've got a 1.4lt....but it was a 140PS about 190bhp & 312Nm....
Hey, I have an Accessport for sale, Mk7R with DSG and includes custom tunes from stratified. Bit of a long story, but you can send in logs and they will custom tune it for your car. Would be willing do to $900 + shipping from MD.
Sorry I should have specified GTI in my forum post. Made it late last night.
Hey Marauder how's it going? I'm an not sure if where you are from you have to deal with Emissions or not. But I am in Connecticut and have to. I was curious if you might have an answer for me. With the AP do you think I need to do a complete removal from the car or if I go to the stock tune file from you guys if all the OBD codes that are checked would come up? Let me know if you might have any info for me or not.