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Do you still have the timing chain tensioner? Ill take it if it's genuine VW.
Let me know how you want to get paid.
Newb here... Just got a mk7 gti 2 days ago and ordered the helix kit. I would like to get on the dongle rental list, please. I sent you a message too!
The latest on my Golf GTE is now at status 20 and a build date of week 20, if all goes to plan. That puts the wait at 22 months although I have no doubt that it will take a further month to deliver. Fingers crossed XX.
I have an accessport for sale. EQT stage one tune. Pick it up in Oakland and its yours for $500
Thanks for the ad. Just an old guy w/ a MK6 TDI. Looking for simple stuff like suggested headlight upgrades, head units, stereo wiring, etc. I’ve already sat it down on pro-kit springs with shock upgrade, added GTI dual exhaust, and tuned for power & economy. Trying to make it a fun daily driver.
Hi, do you still have the rear wiper and rear wiper motor from the delete mod you did? Whoever owned my GTI before me did the delete, but I would quite like a rear wiper myself. Would buy it off you if you have it.