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So far I have carbon paddles but I plan on doing wheels, coils, cosmetic mods, intake, exhaust, and a stage 1 tune soon. Also, if you guys are selling any cool parts let me know!
Hey there guys, my name is Lucas and just over 3 weeks ago I bought my first "performance" car, my 2013 Autobahn GTI. I couldn't be more happy with this car. I bought it completely stock with just under 48k miles on it. With that being said, I plan on putting some modifications into this car to make it a daily that is quick but is still practical. I'm open to any ideas you guys may have! Much love <3
What are the part numbers on the coil overs. I have a 2017 MK& Gti and may be interested in them.
Front shocks are 100 1009 and rears are 800 1120. They won't fit a GTI, only a Golf
Started work in a VW dealer as a mechanic. After 12 years went to work for the Volkswagen head office in Milton Keynes. Started in customer service, then Technical Training, Next was 14 years in Marketing as Audi 80, Polo. Corrado, Passat and Sharan Product Manager. Retired in 2004 duets ill health. Currently own a Golf 8 Style eTSI DSG.
Hey man. Came across your video of the nczworks DSG paddles on his ebay site and was curious as to how they are holding up. I just bit the bullet on a minimalist TAW Customs steering wheel. I am more into making my R look as it should have come from the factory. What are your thoughts on these? Do they hold up over time? Do you get tired of using them? I hate the ones that look like they belong in the Batmobile. LOL.
Hey there, sorry I don't check in here too frequently. I have nothing but good things to say about the nczworks paddles. I'm not ripping on them hard, but I could see it breaking if you pulled hard enough it might break. The fact that it illuminates and appears OEM is what does it for me. It could be made of styrofoam for all I care and I'd be careful enough not to break it for the look and feel it gives.
Top Notch Auto Glass
You can reach him via text.
Let him know you got his number from me, Paul (I informed you might be reaching out)
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The night I got my 07 GTI in Nov. 2016:

What it came with:
  • TFSI
  • DSG
  • OEM Votex kit
  • Resonator delete
  • Red grille insert painted white
  • Tien lowering springs
  • 133k