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forwardlean 02-23-2018 01:55 AM

3rd Brake Light
Have any of you guys purchased the replacement light bar here at a dealer?

I've had moisture in mine for basically the whole time I've owned the car. I asked about this during a service visit many years ago when under warranty and was told that I'd have to get the spoiler cut out to replace it at one of the affiliate body shops. Seemed like a lot of time and effort and potential for things to not be the way they were when the car was new, so I left it.

Now I'm out of warranty and just got a warning that the bar was dead. Checked it and about half the LEDs are out in random spots. Searched the web and in fact you can just pop this light out (doesn't need the spoiler cutting).

Sorry for the long post but was wondering if any one else has had to deal with this?

GibbyGTI 02-23-2018 03:10 AM

I'm not sure about your other questions, but I can confirm it does indeed pop out without touching the spoiler. You'll see two little metal tabs underneath on both sides IIRC. Find an appropriate tool, pull them out towards you (might be a little stuck due to crud, just take your time and careful not to scratch your paint). The bar should slide out and expose the wired connections.

Tony48 02-23-2018 09:58 AM

Yes, it pops out easily. The clips can be a little tricky so be careful. The OEM part number for the third brake light assembly is 5K6945087C and looks to run $60-80 for the genuine part.

forwardlean 02-27-2018 08:43 PM

Thanks guys. I got one ordered. I might wait for the weather to warm up so I don't crack anything. $85 Canadian Pesos.

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