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That's weird. I have a 2010 w/ DSG and I just let the computer control the starter. Basically, when I start the car, I briefly push the key in igniton to "Start", then release right away. This is all in a fraction of a second. There's a split second lag, then the ignition would start the starter, engine would turn over automatically, starting the car. I think the amount of time the starter needs to run to completely start the car is automatically controlled by the ECU. Meaning you don't have to hold the key in "Start" position until the car starts.

The only other way I can describe this is the push button start for Lexus when I was test driving it. Push Start and release, Starter will start a split of second after release.

This is unlike my previous car where I have to hold the key in the Start position until the engine turns over and start. Where as if I do what I'm doing w/ the GTI now, as soon as I release it from "Start", the engine would die right away because the starter is controlled by the ignition switch.
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